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Which port needs to be open for the HotSpot software ?

Ports used by Antamedia HotSpot software are 78, 80, 81, 82, 90, 443, 463, 614, 12010, 1700, 1812, 1813
These should be all.
Ensure that these ports are free and not used by any other software.

If there is antivirus or firewall, always allow all ports to our executable files AHotSpot.exe, ADBHS.exe, ADBServer.exe, OpenDHCP.exe (if used), and whitelist all our folders.

If You get the message 'Error: port 80 is use', please close application which uses port 80 before starting HotSpot software.

To find which software uses port 80, execute command netstat -abn in command promt (cmd.exe).

If You use Windows Server 2012, please disable IIS server or configure it to use another port.

Port 80 is also used by Skype and you should disable use of this port from Skype - Tools - Options - Advanced - Connections tab.

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