How to prepare Windows OS for HotSpot software installation ?

HotSpot software requires that you have administrator rights without any limitations.

- Windows UAC should be set to Never Notify level:
Go to Windows Control Panel - User Account and select Change User Account Control settings.
Set it to Never Notify level. Press on OK.

- Windows Smart Screen should be turned off (Windows 8.1 and Windows 10):
Go to Windows Control Panel - Security and Maintenance and select to Change Windows Smart Screen settings.
In new window select "Don’t do anything (turn off Windows Smart Screen)". Press on OK.

- Microsoft Security Essentials should not block it (Windows 7):
Go to Microsoft Security Essentials Settings. From Excluded files and locations panel press on browse and select C:\Antamedia folder.
Press on Add and Save changes button.

- Windows Defender should not block it:
Go to Windows Settings - Windows Defender.
From Exclusion section press on "Add an exclusion" to exclude C:\Antamedia folder.

Note: Restart computer to apply changes before installing HotSpot software.

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