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How can I track visited URL addresses ?

The law in many countries worldwide require from Internet service provides and HotSpot owners to have the list of web sites that customers have visited. URL tracking option in the HotSpot software gives complete log of all visited web sites with all required informations: date, account, IP, MAC and visited URL

URL Tracking option is located in the HotSpot - Setup - URL - URL Tracking page. By default, HotSpot will track *.htm, *.html, *.asp, *.php, *.txt files, but you can modify the list or enter new extensions.

We do not recommend tracking graphic files (like *.jpg, *.gif ...) since this significantly increase the processing. Using URL tracking you can also track the web pages which include specified keyword.

To insert a new keyword or extension, type it in the 'Add keyword or extension' field and press 'Add button'. To remove keyword or extension from the list, select it from the list using left mouse click and press 'Remove' button. When you complete setup of URL tracking option press 'Save' button.

HotSpot software restart is required after enabling or disabling of the URL tracking option.

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