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How to connect multiple HotSpot servers to same Database Server ?

Large networks, consisting of several HotSpots spread in different city locations, can use the same Database Server in order to share data. The same accounts, price plans, usage schedule and other data can be used in any of these connected locations.

In order to connect multiple HotSpots you have to:

1. Install Database Server on a computer with Public IP address (accessible from Internet). This way, all HotSpots will be able to connect to one Database Server.
2. On every HotSpot loction should be set Database IP address in HotSpot - Setup - Database - Settings page. IP which you should enter is the public IP address of Database Server computer.
3. Make sure that firewalls are not blocking communication between HotSpots and Database Server.

How to be sure that everything is working ?
Create accounts on one HotSpot, then click on ACCOUNTS button on the second HotSpot. If you see newly created accounts, you've configured it correctly.

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