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How does customer logout from the Internet ?

User can logout in different ways:

1. By clicking on Logout button located on Welcome page (displayed after login)

2. By clicking on Logout button located on Infobox page (like

3. By typing keyword LogMeOut in browser address bar. This keyword is tracked in two ways:
 • through the NetBIOS (if a customer has enabled NetBIOS in network interface used to connect to your network). This feature is available in all the editions.
 • as a URL Keyword function located in HotSpot - Setup - URL - URL Keyword tab, that functions as a parser of incoming traffic. The second case require URL Tracking feature enabled, which is available in Premium edition.

4. Automatically if a user has not performed any Internet activity in the specified time.  Inactivity timeout interval can be configured in HotSpot - Setup - Network - Network setup page.

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