How to set HotSpot NAT ?

You can use HotSpot NAT feature to provide internet to your customers instead Windows services (ICS, RRAS).

Network Address Translation (NAT) is the process of modifying packet network address in order to use one public IP address with multiple, usually local, IP addresses. To say it simply, NAT is performing a Internet connection sharing.

For example, you are using ADSL to connect to your ISP, and your computer gets one public IP address (like Since all customer computers in your HotSpot network should have it's own IP address, you can use NAT to do translation between local IP address (like - and public IP which ISP assigned to your ADSL. Of course, NAT can be used with any type of devices and is not limited to ADSL.

NAT can be enabled from HotSpot - Setup - Network Setup page.

To configure NAT, you need to set DNS Redirector.
Please type here DNS addresses specified by your Internet service provider, or any other working DNS server.
If you have doubts what to set, you can always set Google Free DNS and for your network connections.
Then in HotSpot set as DNS redirector
After you configured NAT options, please click Save button and restart HotSpot engine.


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