Antamedia Internet Cafe on CCBoot

Here are steps how to set it:

Diskless boot one of the client PCs (such as PC101) with the super client.

Download Antamedia Internet Cafe Software and on your desktop

Install the Internet Cafe Client on CCBoot client (PC101).

When the installation is finished, reboot the client PC.

Login as ADMIN on Cafe Client and close it.

Extract on the desktop and start it.

Allow modifying of Registry.

Start Task Manager and click on Run New Task.

Type Regedit and press OK. 

In "Registry Editor" navigate to "Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Antamedia\AIC".

On the right side of the form, double-click the "Client IP" key.

In the pop up "Modify" dialog box delete the client IP ( from the "Value data" edit box and click on "OK" button.

Delete the "Value data" of "ClientMAC" and "ClientName" with the same method.

Now, you can see that the "Value data" of "Client IP", "ClientMAC" and "ClientName" are empty.

Close the "Registry Editor" form, and shut down the client PC101.

Disable super client on CCBoot server.

Diskless boot client PC101, you can run Antamedia Internet Cafe Client on it now.

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