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How to prepare computer for Kiosk installation ?

It is required that you are loged on Windows Administrator account without any limitations.

- Windows UAC should be set to Never Notify level:
Go to Windows Control Panel - User Account and select Change User Account Control settings.
Set it to Never Notify level. Press on OK.

- Windows Smart Screen should be turned off:
Go to Windows Control Panel - Security and Maintenance and select to Change Windows Smart
Screen settings.
In new window select "Don’t do anything (turn off Windows Smart Screen)". Press on OK.

- Windows Defender should not block it:
Go to Windows Settings - Windows Defender.
From Exclusion section press on "Add an exclusion" to exclude C:\Antamedia folder.

From firewall and antivirus application, set not to scan C:/Antamedia folder.

Reboot computer to apply changes and then install Kiosk software.
After reboot you need to go to Windows Administrator account to completely configure software.
Changes will be applied on restart when computer will automatically go to limited Kiosk account.

Please note, Kiosk software can not be used on a computers joined to a domain .

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