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How to use Kiosk Online Reporting ?

To use Online Reporting with Antamedia Kiosk software, please start the Antamedia Kiosk, go to "Setup" and choose "Online Reporting" page.
If you are configuring Online Reporting for the first time, you have to press "Sign Up - for a test account" button. If you already purchased subscription and received Registration Code, please press "Login - with existing user" button.

When you press the "Sign Up" button you have to fill out the form (Email and Password are mandatory) and press "Create User Account" button. This will start the registration process wich will provide you Registration Code (RegCode) that you can use to register all the computers to Online portal. In the next step, please choose "Location" name for that computer and press the "Connect" button.

To Log Kiosk software automatically to the Online Report portal ( enable "Auto connect this Kiosk to online report" and Kiosk will automatically log on every time it starts (this is recommended).

Kiosk automatically collects usage data (session, Kiosk usage, application etc) and sends it to the Online Report portal. To check usage data for each registered Kiosk, please go to and enter your Username and Password. Online Reports also gives you ability to control remotely all registered Kiosks (send specific command, restart Kiosk, shutdown Kiosk, end client session, send file to a specific location etc.)

Online Report portal is available as a subscription service and as licensed software that can be installed on your Windows-based server. Free trial period is 30 days. Please contact us for more details at

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