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Configuration of HotSpot default login page ?

Look and available fields and options for Login page can be set and configured from HotSpot Setup - Pages - Default Page tab.

Login page can have different methods of access like Username and Password, Ticket login, Dual Login, Hotel Login pages and Login + Facebook  with or without Free Trial link.

Free access page can be as Free access with keywords and terms of use, Free access with keyword, Free access with terms of use, Free access with the single click, Free access with Email and terms of use, Free access with Name and Email, Free access with social network, Free access with Ads and Free access Name Email Newsletter.

Beside Login and Free access, you can provide SignUp method from login page. Available signup options are: Hide Signup link on Login page, Credit Card payment or Paypal, Refill Voucher based sign up, PMS integration, Free signup with terms of use, Free signup, Free sognup with Email confirmation, Free signup with SMS confirmation, Free signup with Name, Email and SMS confirmation, Refill voucher with SMS based signup.

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