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How to create accounts for the customers ?

Generate Accounts option is located in Accounts tab available from the main HotSpot screen.

The same option is used to generate: Users, Tickets and Refills.

HotSpot takes care to generate unique accounts, with settings defined by Price Plan. Each price plan has price, time, bandwidth quota, expiration date and other options.

However, administrator or employee (with appropriate access rights) is able to modify any of the settings before generating accounts.

Generate Accounts page has following options:

Generate _ Please enter how many accounts you want to generate
Type Select if you want to generate user accounts, tickets or refills
Price Plan Choose a Price Plan to define parameters of new accounts
Print Enable Print if you like these accounts to be printed on paper

Depending of Type selection, different options will appear in the right side of the screen:


A word which comes as a first part of the generated account username(like NEW)

Start         Number Defines starting number to be added to prefix (like 21). With thisexamples, accounts that will be created are NEW21, NEW22, NEW23 etc.
Password Length Defines how many characters (letters and numbers) will a password have
Length Defines how many characters (letters and numbers) will ticket or refill have
Sell now Accounts are saved in the database, sold and added to bills and statistics, and ready for use.
Sell later Accounts are saved in the database, and will be sold on the first usage or when operator click on Sell button in Accounts page
Generate Use generate button to create new user account, ticket or refill
Save Save generated accounts in the database
Cancel Close Generate Accounts tab



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