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How to connect multiple Kiosks to the same Database Server?

Antamedia Database Server stores the data from Kiosk software (customers accounts, tickets, pricing plans, bills etc.). Database Server will be installed from Kiosk Installer which is available for download from Antamedia download page

Kiosk can use database on local computer, or it can be connected to remote Database Server. The former option should be used if you have one Kiosk installation or multiple, but separate Kiosks. Kiosk is configured to use local database by default.

If you intend to run multiple Kiosks and share the accounts between these locations, you will have to install Database Server on a computer with Public IP address (accessible from Internet) and configure all Kiosks to use that database. To connect Kiosk to remote Database Server, please go to Kiosk - Setup - Database page and enter remote server IP in "DBServer IP Address" field and click Save button. Ensure that TCP port 12010 is opened on both Kiosk and Database Server computers.

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